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Our Story

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Henry Frampton

I started Burnt-Ochre in January 2019 after studying Fine art at university, specialising in sculpture. I see jewellery as a way to explore, cast and create designs on a smaller scale than traditional sculpture, while still utilising my skills and creating work that interests me. From vulture culture to mass produced commodities like sweets, to simple minimalist deigns, I produce pieces that inspire me, and are in their own way mini sculptures. My jewellery is handcrafted in England and covers a wide range of jewellery form simple affordable studs to wedding bands and custom pieces. All our designs come beautifully gift wrapped as standard.

Burnt-Ochre is a small start up business, which allows us to carefully inspect all of our products before sending them out. This also allows us to work closely with our customers to customise many of our products, if you have any ideas for custom work please contact us for more information. 


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