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This timeless 6mm wide faceted ring is handmade out of Argentium silver. Argentium Silver is a higher grade of silver than traditional sterling silver, offering much better tarnish resistance as well as being harder and more durable. Argentium silver is an alloy containing 93.5% fine silver (1% higher silver content than standard sterling silver). Argentium silver is also made of 100% recycled metal.

This ring is finished in our bestselling faceted design, this is where the outside is ground in many different directions creating facets which reflect the light beautifully, similar to that of a gemstone. This gives the outside of the ring a geometric minimalist look, which is contrasted by the lightly polished inside of the ring. The inside of the band is contoured to give a 'comfort fit' which allows the ring to slide over the knuckle easier than a standard flat inside. The ring is 6mm wide and approximately 1.9mm thick at its thickest point however this may vary slightly as each ring is handmade so no two rings will be exactly the same. This ring is stamped on the inside with our company logo stamp and a simple '935' stamp, which denotes its higher silver content than standard 925 sterling silver.

The ring is then oxidised (blackened) to contrast the highly polished inside and help bring out the raw texture of the facets. This will also mean any stamps and/or engravings will also be black inside the ring and will therefore stand out more. While fairly durable the oxidised finish can wear down over time with daily wear, however will stay in the low spots of the texture, to give a more rustic look to the ring. This finish is suitable for those who may not want the bright shine of polished silver.

You can choose to purchase the ring as is or I can engrave a message on the inside of the ring for you. Most rings can be engraved with a maximum of 25-30 characters (including spaces) depending on the size of the ring. However particularly small sizes may not be able to fit this many, likewise larger rings may be able to be engraved with a few more characters. We use traditional diamond drag engraving which gives a deeper brighter cut than laser engraving, however does somewhat limit the amount of characters and fonts we can offer. We can only engrave english alphabet A-Z, numbers and the following special characters ( ♡ , . & - / ' + ° ). 
We offer 3 different engraving fonts:

Font A - Bold capital letters and numbers, approximately 1.5 mm in height simple and clear to read, good for longer engravings as this font can fit the most characters.

Font B - Italic capital letters and numbers, approximately 2.5mm in height clear to read but better suited to wider bands, however will still work on bands as small as 4mm. 

Font C - Script capital and lower case letters and numbers, capital letters are approximately 2.5mm in height and lower case letters 2mm. Traditionally most words will start with a capital letter followed by lower case letters for the rest of the word. However you can choose to have your entire engraving in full capitals or all lower case if you would prefer.

Please see photos in the listing for examples of all the fonts we offer (all fonts are shown engraved on 6mm wide stainless steel). Please message me to find out more information regarding engraving. PLEASE NOTE: ENGRAVED RINGS CANNOT BE RETURNED, REFUNDED OR RESIZED.

These rings are made entirely by hand to order and will take between 2-5 working days to create usually. They are available in many ring sizes but if you would like a custom ring size please do not hesitate to drop me a message regarding this. 

Please double check your ring size online before ordering, I sell an adjustable ring sizer in my shop

Oxidised Faceted Argentium Silver Ring - 6mm



  • 2-5 Working Days

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